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It’s Aliiiiive!

undead_cov_logoThe Undead or Alive Kickstarter campaign is now live!

This is a thoroughly nerve-wracking experience for me. I feel like it’s a lot of money to ask for.  It sure feels like a huge goal.

But that’s the cost of printing, reward fulfillment, and artwork/production.  And, looking at Jason’s gorgeous, meticulous, fully-painted work, I think  it’s totally worth it. Heck, if we get funded, his page rate is a steal.

We tried to create rewards that are worth your money, both printed and digital. Sketchbooks, scripts, prints, original arts and commissions…we tried to cover a variety of reward levels.. And there’s some fun stuff in there, too—appearing in the comic? Getting killed in a comic? In Jason’s painted style? Cool!!

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you like what you see.