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Ghoul Scouts Review Roundup, part 1

gs01_all_covsWe’ve gotten some great reviews for Ghoul Scouts already! Here’s what folks are saying:

Susan from The Pullbox says, “While the aim of this series is an all-ages book, it doesn’t pander to the target audience. It’s a good read for comic lovers of any age, because this is just….fun. Enjoy it. I know I did.”  See Susan’s whole review here.

Sharon of I Smell Sheep rates the book 5 out of 5 Sheep, saying, “The fast paced story offers touching moments, as the characters deepen their friendship, and fighting sequences.”  Read Sharon’s complete review here. 

Carl Boehm from Comic Bastards gives Ghoul Scouts 4/5, and says, “The team on this book made something fun and wonderful that readers of any age will enjoy.  In a time where the pre-teen cartoon is nothing more than a nostalgic memory, Ghoul Scouts stands in to provide something fun and crazy for an age group that needs more than the hate-filled chat channels of popular video games.”  The rest of Carl’s review is here. 

Thanks very much to all of these reviewers for taking the time to read and assess our book!