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Inktober Postmortem

We’re a few days away from the end of October and it’s a safe bet that I don’t have any more Inktober drawings coming.

Deadlines reared their heads—I’m starting production work on the second Ghoul Scouts series and finishing production stuff on the first new Athena Voltaire series from Action Lab. So yeah, no more Inktober for me.

But the experience was a blast. It was nice to break out of my deadlines and obligations for a couple of weeks and just draw characters that I usually wouldn’t, and to experiment with different media and techniques. I definitely plan to do it again next year.


Inktober Day 8


#Inktober Day 8. Of course, I have to have an Athena Voltaire drawing in there! Another digital piece in Manga Studio 5 with Frenden brushes.

This one grew out of a sketchbook study of body postures. I’ll probably use it for something else and add to it.

Inktober Day 7


#Inktober Day 7! Michonne from the Walking Dead. Brush-pen & brush on 9×12 Bristol board. The original is for sale: $100. Email SteveBryantArt at gmail dot com if interested.

Also, I did another time-lapse video. Last time, I was too conscious of obscuring the camera and probably didn’t ink it the way I usually do (closer to the board), so here’s a new one. The first part, when I’m inking finer details, I’m in frame a lot more. I’m in there less as it goes along.

Inktober Day 6


Welcome to #Inktober day 6! Today is a part technical exercise, and part exploration. When I started using the awesome @Frenden brushes in Manga Studio, I found a couple that I really liked and used them a lot. Okay, pretty much exclusively.

However. there are a ton of great brushes in the set, so I started messing with a bunch that were new to me. I did a quick sketch and layed it out in multiple rows of 5. I then grabbed the next brush in the queue, letting the qualities of the brush help shape my approach on that particular piece.

Tomorrow will be something a bit more elaborate…and probably ink on paper!