Back to School part 3: Ready Player One


Here’s another assignment from my Intro to Digital Arts class from back in September. The assignment: “Take an artist or art piece that you are a fan of, and create your own original work of art inspired by it. If you are a fan of a TV show, draw a favorite or fictional scenario of it. If you are a fan of an artist, write a song similar to one of their songs, or do a remix or reinterpretation of one of their songs. Or, draw a picture inspired by a song or band, or create a song inspired by a drawing. Whatever you want!”

I loved Ernie Cline’s 2011 novel Ready Player One. The premise: in the mid-21st century, the multi-billionaire creator of the most successful virtual reality game/social network dies, leaving no heirs. His will announces that whoever finds an Easter Egg hidden somewhere in the sprawling game will inherit his entire estate. Cline uses the game creator’s backstory—growing up as a geek in the 1980s—to fill the book with tons of nerd trivia and 80s pop culture references. Buy the book here. 

It’s easy for me to fall into the pattern of drawing stuff for my own comics, but creating this piece was incredibly fun and liberating. In fact, drawing this was the reason I attempted the Inktober challenge this year.

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