Back to School, Part 5

…three months later…

I really need to be more consistent with these updates. I’ll add some new posts backfilling the last few months. Until then, here’s my final piece for my digital painting course.

The university’s Arts Technology program started working with the Route 66 marketing team to create a series of interactive projects promoting the famous highway over the next nine years. With that in mind, the final digital painting was to be related to Route 66.

From the time it was established, Route 66 represented the American spirit of independence—and the nation’s love affair with the automobile. This love affair reached its peak with the 1960s television show Route 66, which featured a couple of young men in a Corvette, traveling the famous highway in search of themselves. For a 21st century update, I opted to draw an independent (slightly mischievous) young woman about to hit the road in her trusty Tesla Roadster.

The ink drawing, above, and the finished painting, seen at the top of this post, were done entirely in Clip Studio Paint using the Manga Studio 5 Super Brush Set by Ray Frenden.

Ever the advertising/marketing nerd, I added a variation on the famous tagline, “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.”

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