C2E2   |   Artist Alley F-2   |   Chicago, IL   |   March 18-20

MSP ComicCon  |  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  |  May 14–15

Source Comics and Games  | Roseville, MN  |  June 11

Westfield Comics  |  Madison, WI  |  June 12

Comic-Con Int’l   |   Small Press  M-14  |   San Diego, CA   |   July 21-24

I would love to visit more conventions this year and am happy to participate in panel discussions and other con-sponsored events (drink-and-draws, charity auctions, etc). I’ve contributed to panels on webcomics, Kickstarter, self-publishing, pulp comics, and being a writer/artist, among other topics. Invite me to your show—we’ll have a great time!

Click here to schedule a signing or convention appearance.


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