Inktober Day 8


#Inktober Day 8. Of course, I have to have an Athena Voltaire drawing in there! Another digital piece in Manga Studio 5 with Frenden brushes.

This one grew out of a sketchbook study of body postures. I’ll probably use it for something else and add to it.

Inktober Day 7


#Inktober Day 7! Michonne from the Walking Dead. Brush-pen & brush on 9×12 Bristol board. The original is for sale: $100. Email SteveBryantArt at gmail dot com if interested.

Also, I did another time-lapse video. Last time, I was too conscious of obscuring the camera and probably didn’t ink it the way I usually do (closer to the board), so here’s a new one. The first part, when I’m inking finer details, I’m in frame a lot more. I’m in there less as it goes along.

Inktober Day 6


Welcome to #Inktober day 6! Today is a part technical exercise, and part exploration. When I started using the awesome @Frenden brushes in Manga Studio, I found a couple that I really liked and used them a lot. Okay, pretty much exclusively.

However. there are a ton of great brushes in the set, so I started messing with a bunch that were new to me. I did a quick sketch and layed it out in multiple rows of 5. I then grabbed the next brush in the queue, letting the qualities of the brush help shape my approach on that particular piece.

Tomorrow will be something a bit more elaborate…and probably ink on paper!

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